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Here at St.Chad’s our pupils can begin their Duke of Edinburgh’s bronze award in year 10, and their silver in year 11. In order to achieve the award pupils must complete their own personal programme of physical, skill and volunteering sections and complete an expedition. Pupils have the freedom to choose which activities they wish to undertake for their physical, skills and volunteering (Ideas for these activities can be found in the DofE documents section).

We do not charge the pupils if they wish to participate in the DofE programme, however they must pay the small DofE registration fee (please see the DofE website for information on this charge and any camping fees necessary for their expedition. It is necessary to attend a meeting every week for one hour after school in order to participate. This time is required for administration and expedition training. Failure to attend could result in pupils being unable to attend their expedition as they would be unprepared for it.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s programme at St.Chad’s will be a real adventure and a challenge; it’s different for everybody and everybody will grow from the experience. You’ll make new friends, try new things and have fun! The DofE will be a valuable addition to your CV when applying to college, university or employers but most of all it will give you treasured memories of good times that will last a life time.

Ask yourself; are you up for it?... could you hack it?... do you want to try?... Why wouldn’t you?

The DofE events dates for the academic year 2015-2016 are:

  • Expedition Skills Training Day - March 5th 2016
  • Silver Practice Expedition - March 18th to 20th 2016
  • Silver Qualifying Expedition - April 22nd to 24th 2016
  • Bronze Practice Expedition - May 21st to 22nd 2016
  • Bronze Qualifying Expedition - June 25th to 26th 2016
  • Gold Expedition - July 12th to 15th 2016

For further details or information please contact Mr.Lewis.