The importance of attendance and punctuality

Attendance and punctuality is a priority at St Chad’s.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance or punctuality, please contact their Pupil Progress Coordinator.

Absence - Information for Parents
If your child is absent, you are requested to;

St Chad’s graduated response to absence -

All absences, where not reported by parents, are investigated by first day response from the attendance team.
The attendance team track all pupils’ attendance in partnership with the Local Authority Education Welfare Officer.
Where appropriate parents will be advised, by letter, of attendance concerns.
Should attendance concerns persist parents will be invited in to school to meet with attendance staff.
The Education Welfare Officer will be consulted should attendance concerns fail to be addressed.
Students who are absent from school for multiple periods of illness may be asked to provide medical evidence in order for absence to be authorised. Evidence can be in the form of an appointment slip, medication box or prescription slip.
St Chad’s will not authorise leave of absence in term time unless exceptional circumstances apply. All requests should be made using the leave of absence request form for consideration by the Head Teacher.